About GTL

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What's in a Game Review

All reviews are written by a reviewer or from the point of view of a gamer that enjoys playing games in that particular genre.  I mean, it doesn't make sense to have a reviewer write a review of a sports game if he can't stand playing sports on a console.  While this may tend to bump up a game's rating a little, it is only through pure enthusiasm that this would naturally occur -- the very same enthusiasm that you would feel for a game in your favorite genre.

Grading System

So, why do we use letters as grades?  Because your teachers did!  But seriously, we believe that letters, including pluses and minuses, will give you a better indication of what we believe the rating should be. If one game is rated at 92% and another at 97% the difference might seem a little ambiguous.  On the other hand, we are sure that you will understand the difference between an A+ and an A -.  If you still insist on pegging a percentage to a letter grade you can refer to this table.

100 – 97
A 96 – 93
A - 92 – 90
B+ 89 – 83
B 82 – 73
B - 72 – 66
C+ 65 – 58
C 57 – 50
C - 49 – 42
D+ 41 – 31
D 30 – 22
D - 21 – 16
F Below 15

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