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Spicy GTA V Rumors Leak



Thanks to a leaked source known as RipTen, we have some juicy new details from the highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto V! Enjoy!

  • The map in GTA V will be five times bigger than IV's
  • You will be able to fly a variety of planes
  • Cars and weapons can be customized
  • You will have the chance to use drugs. Smoking weed on the streets can get you a 1-star wanted rating
  • Multiplayer will support 32 players
  • Players will have the ability to form gangs that can be ranked by reputation
  • The game will shoot for a May 2013 release window
  • It will be playable at this year's E3
  • The main protagonist is known as Albert De Silva
  • Radio stations will be more dynamic including traffic reports that actually work
  • Gunfights will be more realistic
  • The police will chase you if you break the speed limit and damage can be taken from crashes

Once again, these are RUMORS so don't think that they are completely true. They may be or may not be true but only time will tell. Until then stay tuned for more details along the way.

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