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Mass Effect 2 Faces Database

Mass Effect 2 Faces DatabaseWant your Mass Effect 2 character to look like Arnie or Clint?

If you're like me and completely lame at creating characters and their features, you're going to love this.

When creating your character in Mass Effect 2 there are face characteristics that you can adjust to change the look of your character. You can change their Facial Structure, Head, Eyes Jaw, Mouth Nose hair and Makeup. All these characteristics combine to create a unique code which you can see at the bottom of the screen.

During custom face creation, Mass Effect 2 allows you to enter (as in type) a code into the "Code" field - just move the cursor down and hit "A".

A Bioware employee confirmed that this works on the Xbox 360 - we tried it with the John Locke code and, YES! It does work.

One Mass Effect 2 fan, Vesperknight, has created a website of some face generation codes complete with celebrity lookalike notations.

The site is called Mass Effect 2 Faces Databases and he says that he'll be adding many improvements in the next days such as a search box, pagination, sorting and a rating system.

Some of the lookalikes up already are:

Keifer Sutherland
John Locke
Clint Eastwood
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jason Statham

...and I'm sure that more will be added.

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