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New Cursed Crusade Trailer Sizzles

New Cursed Crusade Trailer Sizzles

New "sizzle" trailer for upcoming Atlus action-adventure The Cursed Crusade delivers appetizing medieval carnage, satisfying templar melodrama

Atlus has heated things up with a tasty new "sizzle" trailer for The Cursed Crusade, its upcoming 2-player cooperative action-adventure game for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC digital download.  The succulent trailer serves up slices of the protagonists' stirring journey for salvation against the backdrop of the doomed Fourth Crusade, accompanied by a generous portion of limb-severing, bone-crushing combat.  Moreover, the trailer dives into the main characters' motivations, giving viewers their first bite-sized glimpses into the game's backstory, revealing key aspects of the game’s plot, featuring brutal gameplay battles, action-packed cinematics, hinting at the back story of central character Denz de Bayle.

Aram Jabbari, Manager of PR and Sales at Atlus remarks,
This new 'sizzle' trailer is an over-the-top thrill ride full of some of the 13th century drama and brutal, gory finishing moves that fans of the genre can look forward to. We've been talking a lot about how cinematic The Cursed Crusade is, how real and visceral its medieval combat feels, and how fulfilling it can be to go through the entirety of the epic campaign with a friend, locally or online, in cooperative mode.  This trailer really brings all of that home.
The story of The Cursed Crusade tells of a ritual performed by the order of Templars. As a consequence, a dark, terrifying new power was obtained. Terrible things started to happen, and many lives were lost; it was then decided that this new power would have to remain a secret. But no secret remains forever untold…  With the end of the 12thcentury imminent, the Pope launches a Fourth Crusade to conquer the holy city of Constantinople. The young Templar Denz de Bayle joins up so he can find his father, who never returned from the previous crusade. Denz will find the truth during a journey through the greatest cities of medieval Europe and the Orient.

The Cursed Crusade is scheduled to be released in the US in 2011 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.
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