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F.E.A.R. 3 Tips And Tricks

F.E.A.R. 3 Tips And Tricks

1. Maximize your score by fulfilling multiple challenge requirements, playing on higher difficulties,
and completing each level as fast as you can.  Use your special abilities often and combine the
challenges to make sure you maximize each kill.

2. Exploration is crucial – search each level extensively for hidden ammo caches, psychic link
bodies, and the all-important Alma doll.  The psychic links and Alma dolls appear in random
locations, so make sure you fully explore on each playthrough.

3. When playing co-op, psychic links can be shared or stolen.  If you’re looking to set an individual
high score, steal them.  If you want to set a team high score, share them.  Even though you only
get 750 points for psychic links, since you both receive the reward it adds a total of 1,500 to
your team score.

4. Ranking-up improves various stats including things like ammo capacity, health, and slow-mo.
Maximizing your Rank is essential to play on the Insane difficulty.  Replaying a level with a higher
rank also makes it easier to set a high score and compete for the top position on the

5. The ranks are determined by your total score and the perks are universal in main campaign, coop, and multiplayer.  If you are having trouble in one mode, go spend some time in another to
rank up and then try again.

6. The Arc Beam weapon reflects off of walls and floors to hit nearby enemies, and can hit more
than one at a time – very useful when Armacham Soldiers are hiding behind cover.

7. The Phase Caster is one of the toughest enemies in F.E.A.R. 3.  Make sure you kill him as soon as
possible.  The Phase Caster will keep calling in reinforcements as you take them out.

8. The Scavengers can be difficult for Fettel to defeat.  One method to quickly dispatch them is to
levitate the enemy, get close, and push melee for the instant kill.  At the same time, if there are
multiple Scavengers, you can always suspend one while killing another with the stun blast.

9. In multiplayer mode ‘F**king Run!,’ sending a teammate ahead with a Riot Shield is a good way
to add an extra layer of protection to the rest of the team.

10. Also in ‘F**king Run!’ multiplayer mode, the slide tackle is your strongest asset.  Not only does it
keep you moving forward, but it also takes out enemies.

11. Plan ahead when playing multiplayer mode ‘Contractions.’ Storing all of your ammo on the top
level of your safe house will take longer, but pays off in later waves.

12. Don’t try to stay in one body when playing multiplayer mode ‘Soul King.’ Body to body
possession is a strategic part of the mode.  You can escape other players by jumping from body
to body across large portions of the maps.  If you’re going to die, possess a new body with full
health.  If you see an enemy getting the drop on the competitor, possess it and get the kill.

13. Multiplayer mode ‘Soul King’ is designed to be competitive all the way until the end.  The last 30
seconds of each round are the most hectic and critical. You should try to stay in second or third
place so that you can sweep in for victory in the closing seconds of the round by killing the King.

14. In multiplayer mode ‘Soul Survivor,’ getting a kill while in Last Stand will revive you.  However,
ammo is limited, so try not to use your Last Stand handgun ammo unless absolutely necessary.
Have squad members revive you whenever possible.

15. The “We'll Try Again Tomorrow” achievement / trophy is easiest to get in the first 3 waves of
The Commute multiplayer map.

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