Day 1 Studios Announces Mech Combat Game Reign of Thunder

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Day 1 Studios Announces Mech Combat Game Reign of Thunder

Day 1 Studios has announced a return to thier roots with a AAA, free-to-play Mech combat game Reign of Thunder. The fast paced, multi-player focused title is the independent studio’s return to the genre they helped establish with their award winning MechAssault series on XboxLive. Day 1 Studios has promised this to be a hard hitting, fast paced, explosive action game with all the customization options you could ever want. Day 1 Studios is looking forward to establishing a development partnership with the early players to make Reign of Thunder truly amazing.

The frenetic, third person action-combat game allows players to create and customize Mechs to match their play style, choosing from thousands of weapon, shield, and gadget combinations. Players can also join factions and form clans to support community engagement and team play.

The game will combine the customization and RPG elements of the early MechWarrior PC and board games with the fast paced arcade action of the MechAssault series while making it all Free-to-Play

One of the devs has confirmed several key points
  • Reign of Thunder is an all new, unique IP by Day 1 and not affiliated with any previous license.
  • There will be regular releases of new Mechs and equipment with input from the community on future releases.
  • The game will currently allow 16 players on the PC.
  • There are plans to allow players and clans to host custom matches.
  • There will be support for custom skins and decals along with all the standards, weapons, components, etc.
  • They will first release on the PC with plans to support multiple digital platforms as they go along. (this means XBLA and PSN)
  • Preliminary PC specs are a dual core with a DX11 card
While Reign of Thunder is in beta at the moment, one of the early Alpha testers has let us know his experiences so far,
My experiences during the test revealed a game that even early on development felt high quality. The combat's well-tuned to be just fast enough without being Culladitty style madness. There's some balance issues, but's alpha. The graphical quality is impressive - as the trailer showcases rather well. There's enough innovation in the design of the mechs to keep the game interesting and the gameplay feels very gratifying. Overall, Reign delivers a great mech experience without sacrificing its legacy in the process. I can't go into specifics about the game, but I can say that when our scheduled testing time concluded, we ended up staying for hours more playing and having a blast.

Reign of Thunder Announce Trailer

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