Reviewer: Soroush Smith
Genre: Sports
Release Date: 09-25-2012
Developer: EA Sports
Publisher: EA Sports
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Mon 22 Oct 12
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FIFA 13 carries on the glory of its predecessors, leaving us stunned and astonished as usual. Predictably, with EA SPORTS, it's not just an updated version of its predecessor, but has better graphics, improved mechanics, and superior animations. The all-new features are not merely thrown into game and appear well integrated with the gameplay while providing much needed enhancements. My only question to EA is, ‘how the heck do you get all this out of the same hardware specs as last year?’

FIFA 13 brings us all new features such as Attacking Intelligence, Complete Dribbling, First Touch Control, a second generation Player Impact Engine, dangerous and unpredictable Tactical Free Kicks, EA Football Club along with an app for the iPhone and Complete Authenticity with 500 officially licensed clubs and more than 15,000 players.

When it comes to gameplay, there is never any disappointment and it plays somewhat the same other than the new features that have been added. First Touch Control allows the players to actually move the game in the way they want to by giving you the option to first touch the ball in the direction you want. In previous versions you could do something similar but it wasn't as accurate and it was way too easier to do. With first touch control you need more skill which adds to the challenge of the game while providing more realism. Similarly, if the player that is receiving the ball has bad ball control, you will surely lose possession.

EA is calling the new Attacking Intelligence the “most sophisticated artificial intelligence ever achieved” and there is a noticeable improvement. However, having played virtually every version of the FIFA series and having a highly developed level of experience this had a much less impact on me. A less experienced player or someone playing FIFA 13 for the first or second time will notice a greater transformation of the game AI.

Complete Dribbling gives you greater ball control with 360° mobility and precise dribble touches allowing gameplay to more strategic as you move the ball up field. It is a little tricky to pick up at first but, once you’ve mastered the nuances, you’ll be juking the opposing players all night long.

 While officially a non-contact sport we all see the collisions, leaning and shoving that occurs on the field and this is one of the toughest things to simulate realistically in a video game. In FIFA 13 the Player Impact Engine extends this physical play onto the pitch allowing for off-the-ball battles all the way up to defenders pushing players off their line of attack.

OK, so this is cool. If you have a Kinect on your console you can really be in the game with voice commands. Right? You can shout out tactics, formation changes, and substitutions like a real coach or as a player call for a pass or a shot just as if you’re on the pitch. Be careful though…swearing at a referee will make him tougher on you on fouls and bookings.

If you don’t want to just play individual games but want to follow your favorite team or league this can be done in the EA Football Club and there’s even an app for that. Along with FIFA Ultimate Team and Pro Club Seasons, there’s so much here that you could literally spend all day managing your team, reading real world news feeds, or trading players if you’re so inclined. With an immense 30 leagues, 500 officially licensed clubs, and more than 15,000 players there's no way your favorite team or player isn't included.

There isn't much change in the graphics of FIFA 13, as might be expected and there is only a minor upgrade on those just to keep the game up-to-date on visual quality. I feel like the game won’t change much until the next-gen console arrives and provide a boost in the graphics. Each year the game does seem to be smoother then the last, which is always great but it never seems enough for the sport game fanatics like me that enjoy more realistic graphics in the games. Although it's not about the graphics, it's about the game itself, right.

FIFA 13 in game sounds are modestly improved, but something interesting is that the commentary has gotten more dynamic. For one, the commentators go more into detail with the game. They make comments on injuries, history of certain players, and even give personal information about the players and occasionally themselves. This makes the game more enjoyable, because then it makes you believe that you are watching a live game, yet you can control what happens and you control the outcome.

Some other new features that have been added include the Skill Games and Kick Off Match Day. Skill games provide a learning curve to new players who want to develop certain skills in the game. There are certain drills such as passing, lobbing, shooting, penalties and so on. Each game has a special challenge that, after completing all 3 difficulties, you participate in the challenge to achieve the highest score possible to rank above your friends. Kick Off Match Day is a new feature EA added to kick off games where you can play games based on the form of any player or team which shows you how the team has been performing in real life and reflects it into the game. EA had a similar feature back in FIFA 10 where you could choose a league to follow and the teams forms would be reflected in online games but, alas, that never continued on even though I believed it was one of the most interesting features added to the FIFA series. So, it’s good to see this come back even better than before. Another feature that was added that isn't important but is worth the note is the new menu, which is a lot smoother and easier to access whatever you need.

EA once again proves to us that they can continue to make the most awarded soccer sports game even better with new features and even sleeker controls. It's well worth the bucks that players constantly spend on an annual basis for this game and the game only keeps on getting better. If you’ve been thinking year to year about getting one of the FIFA games or are still on one of the earlier revs, now is the time to jump in. Not simply an update or refresh, the improvements and added features of FIFA 13 make it a MUST PLAY.

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