Battlefield 3: Aftermath Talah Market Overview
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This week, an overview of Talah Market from the Battlefield Aftermath DLC. Whilst all four maps in Aftermath are themed around the same concept of a post-earthquake environment, they all play differently. Team play is always at the forefront when designing maps at the DICE studio, and Talah Market -- internally nicknamed simply "Marketplace" -- is no exception. A lot of the designers at the studio are big fans of classic competitive shooters like Counter-Strike, and for Aftermath, they wanted to bring some of that old-school shooter tradition into the mix with a fiercely competitive map where it's kill or get killed as you can see in this specially created flythrough. We look at the challenges the team at DICE faced when designing the Talah market map to encourage different play styles, such as sniping, big standoffs, mid-range encounters as well as fast paced close quarters action. Talah Market plays more like an "arena" than your typical Rush mode from A to B to C. This...
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